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A connected workplace is a more productive workplace

Connect better,work better

It's easy to get started. You just create a new Facebook at Work account to connect with coworkers. This account is separate from your personal Facebook but works in similar ways.

Use News Feed to stay updated, join groups to collaborate, send messages and get notifications about what's most
relevant to you.

For companies who get things done

All kinds of companies use Facebook at Work

Here’s what they’re saying.

“Facebook at Work lets our staff communicate, discuss and solve problems faster and more efficiently in a way that tools, such as email, simply can’t.”

“We needed to find a more structured, systematic way to communicate and share ideas. For us, Facebook at Work offers precisely that. We use it as an idea-sharing platform, a little like a crowd-sourced brain.”

“We have a goal of bringing IJMers from our five business divisions closer together with Facebook at Work - to connect, communicate and collaborate.”

“I expect that Facebook at Work will remove hierarchies, remove silos and create organized chaos for ideas to flourish.”

“It’s incredibly intuitive and people are already very familiar with how to use Facebook. No special instructions required.”

“It’s become our virtual water cooler in some instances.”

“As we move towards digitalization, Facebook at Work will engage and connect our employees, and serve as an informal platform for information sharing.”

“It's a different way of using Facebook. It’s a great boost to communication and productivity.”

“Facebook at Work is a powerful platform which allows every YES BANKer to visualize, strategize and actualize in a collaborative environment.”

“Good vibrant conversations across the business. Makes our global teams feel more united and closer.”

“I am able to easily communicate our priorities…people feel closer, everyone can see what is happening across all offices, and we can celebrate the great impact our team is making all over the world.”

“A fabulous tool to connect people across teams and geographies; it makes a company seem smaller and more human, just like Facebook does for the world in general.”

Stay connected wherever you go

Work doesn't have to slow down when you're on the move with the Facebook at Work app.

Use the Work Chat app to message instantly, and use voice and video calling.

Security is coreto our business

Facebook uses powerful systems to keep more than a billion people’s information secure. We even build and maintain our own infrastructure and tools to safeguard your data. We are committed to these trust principles.

Read our security white paper and download our Service Organization Control SOC3 report prepared by an independent auditor. A more detailed SOC2 report is available on request.

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